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Another Scam Against Business Owners

A recent article from In Business Las Vegas points out a new scam involving the Americans With Disabilities Act.  It seems that profiteers are using the ADA as an excuse to file complaints against small businesses.  Their lawyers send letters … Continue reading

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Beware the Sound of Laughter

Tom Peters writes on his blog about General Norman Schwarzkopf’s autobiography.  He quotes the general as saying that he’s terrible at telling jokes, but as soon as he became a general, everyone suddenly started laughing uproariously at his stories.  Schwartzkopf’s … Continue reading

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Here’s an interesting idea from Deborah Brown at Bizinformer.  She includes "rewards" in her daily list of things to do.  After completing a "must do" item she rewards herself with a "want to do" item.  By breaking up the day … Continue reading

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A New (?) Way to Advertise

At Mine Your Own Business, we’re firm believers in effective advertising, but here’s a story from USA Today about ads on air sickness bags.  US Airways is introducing the barf bag ads beginning this fall.  Obvious tie-ins are dramamine and … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

As you’ve probably heard, the St. Louis area was hit with two major storms last week which resulted in more than 1/2 million customers being without electricity for varying lengths of time.  In fact, as I write this, there are … Continue reading

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Plop, Plop

Are you old enough to remember the Alka Selzer commercial jingle, "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is"?  I’ll bet you didn’t know that that simple tune doubled the sales of the fizzy antacid, almost overnight.  According … Continue reading

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Hunting for Treasure

In a recent series of posts on pricing, we discussed three types of consumers and the pricing strategies that appeal to each group.  In a new book, "Treasure Hunt: Inside the Mind of the New Consumer", Michael Silverstein, sr. vp … Continue reading

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How to Subscribe to Mine Your Own Business

If you’re new to blogs, you may be wondering if there’s an easy way to keep up with "Mine Your Own Business" posts without checking the web site every day.  Yes, there is.  In fact, there are several. Blogs use … Continue reading

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More Shameless Self-Promotion

For those of you new to blogging, a blog carnival is a weekly presentation of posts from various blogs, on a single topic, hosted on a new blog each week.  The host chooses the entries which he/she thinks will be … Continue reading

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Penny Wise Travel Part 3

From comes the third of four installments on saving money on business travel.  This time the subject is incidental expenses.  Some things are pretty basic, some are more exotic.  For example the writer suggests shipping clothing to yourself via … Continue reading

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