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24 Tips

On his WhizBang Training web site, retailing guru Bob Negen offers 24 tips to "boost your sales and save your sanity" during this busy time of the year.  There’s still plenty of time to incorporate some of them into your … Continue reading

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More on Point of Sale Systems

Here at MYOB, we’re not in the business of selling computers.  But, if you’re thinking about taking the plunge into a Point of Sale System, Dell is having a sale.  You can save $300.00 on one of three different systems. … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose the Customer!

From Marketing’s blog, here’s an interesting article by Jim Kukral.  Last Friday he was attracted to a local store by an ad offering "HALF-OFF WREATHS!".  It was only after he and his wife were in the store that they … Continue reading

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Safety First

Personally, I don’t shop on the day after Thanksgiving for the same reason I don’t go out on New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day; too many amateurs.  So, I don’t know what the crowds are like today but I … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Parades, football, families, and food; lots and lots of food.  It must be Thanksgiving.  As we all learned in grade school, the Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day in 1621.  It became a national holiday in the United States, even … Continue reading

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Service Before the Sale

I’ve heard more than one dealer (in various industries) make the statement that if someone buys something from a big box store, they’d better not come to this dealer for service.  It’s not an unreasonable thing to say.  After all, … Continue reading

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Pay Per Click Advertising reports that consumers are turning to the Internet to find local merchants and service providers.  Even though the first "W" in "www" stands for "worldwide", it’s possible to have a cost-effective advertising program using the Web.  "Pay per Click" … Continue reading

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Beware the Grinch

From the Billings (MT) Gazette, of all places, comes an interesting article of the perils of the upcoming busy season for retailers.  It’s a good reminder that there are bad guys (and gals) out there who want to literally steal … Continue reading

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Product Sourcing

This is number fourteen in our series based on Challenges of the Future: The Rebirth of Small Independent Retail in America, a 64 page white paper by Jack Stanyon, underwritten by the George H. Baum Community Charitable Trust, the Illinois … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season

No, not the Christmas season.  Not the hockey season.  Not the college basketball season.  It’s all of those, but it’s also cold and flu season.  One of the ironies of the retail business is that the busiest time of the … Continue reading

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