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First a disclaimer: If you’re interested in trophies, the one at the left can be bought online from Dinn Brothers for $72.00. A Baldrige Award will cost you many, many times that amount. If you want to improve your business, … Continue reading

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Improving Your Game

Every weekend, millions of people watch professional golf on television. The number of people who compete in the pro tours is incredibly small and the number who actually ever win a tournament is even smaller. Recently, on the men’s tour, … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Scammed ran an article last week that you should read.  It’s called Common Small-Business Scams and it describes a few of the current rip-offs that crooks are using to separate us from our hard-earned money.  I have some personal experience … Continue reading

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101 Dumbest Moments

So you think you’re having a bad day? has identified the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business.  For the responsible parties, these "moments" are a lot like the Southwest Airlines "Wanna get away?" commercials. Some examples: In August, McDonald’s gave … Continue reading

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More on Entrepreneurship

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post on the qualities it takes to own your own business, offers some more insight. According to a recent survey by QuickBooks, 43% of business owners say that they were "loners" as kids.  25% … Continue reading

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Immigrants as Entrepreneurs

Michelle at the Economic Edge makes an interesting comparison between the qualities needed to leave your homeland and start over in another country and the qualities you need to run your own business.  Citing the fact that every U.S. census … Continue reading

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You are Never Too Important to Please the Customers!

Today, we welcome a special guest blogger.  Bill Hinderer is President and Chief Operating Officer of Tacony Corporation.  He writes: Two events this past weekend drove home to me that there are little ways to make lasting impressions with your … Continue reading

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Can I Help You?

Here’s a test.  Fill in the blanks. Q:  "Can I help you?"A:  __ ______, ____ _______." Jeffrey Gitomer writes today at about Bob, a true SALESperson who’s eliminated the ugly question, "Can I help you?" from his vocabulary and … Continue reading

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Time Management from Web MD

I’m guessing you’re familiar with WebMD.  If not, it’s a web site where you can go to for medical information presented in layman’s terms.  Here’s a link to an interesting WebMD article on time management.  "What’s time management got to … Continue reading

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Marketing Magic

I was sick at home yesterday and I was flipping the remote, trying to find something decent to watch on tv during the day.  I stumbled onto a show on the History Channel about Harry Houdini.  Everyone knows that Houdini … Continue reading

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