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Here’s How To Use YouTube

Exactly why do we use computers?  There are a lot of possible answers to that question, but the bottom line, at least for our business, is that we use them to increase our return on investment.  If a program, a … Continue reading

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Do you like "House"?  Not the place you go at the end of the day, but the Fox Network TV Show starring Hugh Laurie?  If you’re not a fan, here’s the general idea of the plot.  Dr. House is a … Continue reading

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IBM Lotus Symphony

On Friday we mentioned that IBM has come out with a new office suite to compete with Microsoft Office.  Since that post, we’ve had a chance to download and test the new product.  To repeat Friday’s disclaimer, We aren’t endorsing … Continue reading

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Happy Monday!

Not sure exactly how to categorize this, but if you’ve ever worked with a computer or a copy machine (or any number of other mechanical devices) you have to feel this guy’s pain. Enjoy. By the way, thanks to MyRagan … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

It’s Friday, and sometimes on Friday it’s just good to catch up on a few things that have come up during the week.  Besides, we don’t want to hit you with anything heavy this close to the weekend. IBM challenges … Continue reading

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How NOT to Run a Promotion

Running a promotion calls for more than just throwing an ad together and placing it in the newspaper.  It requires a little more thought than that.  Sometimes it seems that the national chains are the worst offenders.  Here’s a perfect … Continue reading

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More on the Unfaithful Customer

In case you missed it, yesterday we posed a hypothetical situation where someone you know comes into your store with something that you sell, only she bought it at a big box store.  We asked you how you would handle … Continue reading

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What Would You Do?

Alright.  Maybe my request for comments was too general.  So here’s another approach.  Chain store competition is a problem for just about everyone in the retail business.  Or, maybe I should say it’s an opportunity.  Here’s a question for you: … Continue reading

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The Freestyle Entrepreneur

This authors of this blog say they offer "Survival skills for those of us crazy enough to work for ourselves."  They describe their mission as providing useful information for small businesses, very similar to our platform at Mine Your Own … Continue reading

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Why You Should Have a Blog

Neville Hobson is a British communications expert who has more than twenty-five years experience in public and media relations.  His blog is located at  On Friday, Neville posted some interesting statistics on blog usage by businesses in the UK.  … Continue reading

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