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Six Resources to Help with Your Taxes

I know you hate to think about it, but April 15 is just 2 1/2 months away.  In spite of all the talk about tax relief, Americans still have to go through the annual ritual.  This year the big day … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Health Insurance Scams

Providing health insurance coverage for your staff is enough to send you home with a headache.  It’s way too expensive to buy good coverage, but you’ll never get the best employees if you don’t.  Shopping for it takes time away … Continue reading

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Durable Goods Sales Up in December

Durable goods sales were up 5.2% in December, the biggest increase since last July according to the Commerce Department. The figure for November was 2.6%.  From, "`This report is a relief,” said Ian Morris, chief U.S. economist at HSBC … Continue reading

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Cool Site of the Month

Here it is, Monday morning, time to get all serious and charge into the work week.  It’s a day when you probably expect your favorite blog (that’s us) to give you some nugget of wisdom (nugget=MINE Your Own Business) that … Continue reading

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Tell Seven People

Face it.  An independent retailer is never going to be able to compete with a national chain when it comes to traditional advertising.  The Marts and Depots can afford to run multiple page fliers every week.  They can afford to … Continue reading

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Blog Carnivals–1/24/08

Once again, one of our posts has been picked up by a couple of blog carnivals. If you’re new to MYOB,  blog carnivals are collections of posts from various blogs that have been chosen by the carnival host as having … Continue reading

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Delivering the Promise

There was an interesting feature this week on AOL about frozen entrees.  The article compares the picture on the box with the contents of the box of twenty different frozen dinners.  I’m not sure anyone really expects the "Savory Beef … Continue reading

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That Question Again

A while back in a post called "Can I Help You?" we wrote about eliminating that dreaded question from our sales people’s vocabulary.  Doug Fleener and Matt Norcia offer their take on the subject at Retail Contrarian.  They suggest that … Continue reading

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What’s a Customer Worth?

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder what people are thinking.  About a year ago, my daughter bought her first new car, a Mazda Miata Convertible.  As you might imagine, she was very excited.  Who doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Love Your Computer–Hate Your Computer

Writing for Marketing Profs Daily Fix, Elaine Fogel writes about her love/hate relationship with technology.  I read her comments with more than a little sympathy, especially since I’m sitting in my office, using my laptop.  I’m on the laptop because … Continue reading

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