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Why Not To Cut Prices and Other Lessons from This Economy

Here is a short, to the point article listing 6 things that businesses should learn from our current economic situation.  OK, some of them are pretty obvious, but I find that a little reminder is often a good thing.  I … Continue reading

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So what’s all the Twitter about?

One definition of twitter from my ancient Webster's dictionary (copyright 1966) is "to talk in a chattering fashion", but lately the word has taken on a whole new meaning. This posting is about two articles, one from USA Today and … Continue reading

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Happy Belated Small Business Week and Happy Memorial Day

It really is not quite belated yet since technically speaking it is still Small Business Week for a little while longer. Did any of you even know it was Small Business Week or even that there was such a thing? … Continue reading

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The 3/50 Project

Heard of the 3/50 Project? It is a concept that is turning into a movement to support local brick and mortar businesses and it appears to be gaining momentum rapidly. You can find out more about it here. Two important … Continue reading

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Thriving or Surviving?

We've done several postings about the current economic situation and covered many aspects, such as some pitfalls for small businesses, where to look for assistance, and some problems caused by this recession. We read an interesting article that discusses some … Continue reading

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Testimonials in E-mail Newsletters

Many of our Tacony customers are now sending e-mail newsletters to their customers.  Here’s an article with some ideas to help make sure your newsletter is being read by your customers.   I do think testimonials (mentioned in the article as … Continue reading

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Small Business Report Card

There was a recent interesting article assessing where small business owners are doing very well and where they need to do better. The article doesn't actually give letter grades, but there is a link to a PDF titled the State … Continue reading

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A Timeless Article

Actually, this posting is not about an exceptional article but about something we all face in our increasingly hectic lives, the seeming lack of enough hours in the day to get everything done – so we all seem to be … Continue reading

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Insurance Cuts May Not Be Wise

During these difficult economic times, small businesses are always interested in expenses that can be reduced to help their bottom line. Here's an interesting article on one expense reduction that should be approached with caution and that is insurance coverage.  … Continue reading

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