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A Business Growth Strategy

There are numerous strategies on ways to grow your small business. An article from USA Today that compares growing your business to squeezing oranges, certainly a novel comparison. What are the oranges? The article makes the point that the oranges … Continue reading

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A List of Best Independent Retailers

We ran across a recent article in BusinessWeek on a new book by George Whalin providing his take on the 25 best independent stores in America.  To be considered for the book the stores had to meet certain criteria, such … Continue reading

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More E-mail Tips

We've done a few postings on e-mail in the past few months. On April 21st we posted about an article that focused on the importance of effectively revising an e-mail in order to make it more likely that your e-mail … Continue reading

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A different way to sell a small business

Over the years, we at Tacony have watched as businesses have been sold by long-time customers who end up financing the deal.  In many cases, things work out well.  However, in at least three cases that quickly come to mind, … Continue reading

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Are you satisfying your customers?

Here's an interesting article making the case that during our current difficult economy it is easier to make sales to existing customers rather than look for new ones. The article provides several tips for finding out what customers think about … Continue reading

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Small business optimism about the economy

The National Federation of Independent Business reports in their most recent survey that small business optimism rose 2.1 points in May after a gain in April as well. Gains were posted in several areas in the survey that small business … Continue reading

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New proposed legislation on interchange fees

A new measure called the Credit Card Fair Fee Act has recently been proposed as legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives. The measure would address the interchange fee that businesses pay banks for credit card-related purchases. This comes on … Continue reading

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Insurance Followup

On May 1st we did a posting on the temptation for small businesses to reducing insurance coverage to save money during this current challenging economy. The article referred to in that posting focused on the reasons not to reduce general … Continue reading

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