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Tips to Shift into New Markets

There was a recent article in USA Today that began with a question on small businesses and new markets. The response was that small businesses are much more flexible than large corporations (think speedboat vs. container ship) and then provided … Continue reading

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Rain Rain Go Away….

We've all experienced vacations, graduations, sporting events, or any outdoor activity where the weather makes all the difference between a great day and a miserable day. But here's an article that takes a look at how the weather can have … Continue reading

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How to Cut Business Debt

Small businesses frequently need to incur some debt in order to get started or to grow an already established business. Maybe you would like to move to a larger or better located store, or you'd like to bring on new … Continue reading

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Could Playing Favorites be Good for your Business?

We post fairly often on employees since they are so vital to any business (large or small) and employee management can frequently be challenging. In our current politically correct society, equal treatment of employees is the norm. Now comes a … Continue reading

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Are You Cutting Pay?

Times are sill tough for almost everyone and most small businesses are no exception. One way that many small businesses are surviving is by cutting the pay of their employees. After all, if your business is making less money, there … Continue reading

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Customer Service Tips

It has been some time since we did a posting on customer service and since good customer service is so important to any small business we thought it was time to revisit this important topic again. Here's an article that … Continue reading

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Sales and Great Quotations

Here's a good article with twelve great quotes that Dave Stein has used over the years in sales, writing, speaking, and coaching. Here are a few to entice you to read the whole article and see how these quotes relate … Continue reading

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Happiness and Age

We did a posting last week about how to do a Happiness Project. Now come several new studies with some very interesting results, that in general happiness seems to increase with age for most people. The article describes how mental … Continue reading

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Why Should I Care?

We have been doing a lot of posts on the economy in the past several months, after all it is a very hot topic with a huge impact on small businesses. We thought maybe it might be a good time … Continue reading

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Optimistic Small Business Owners

BusinessWeek has an interesting article out that describes how surveys of owners of small companies think the long recession is finally staring to turn. Probably the best way to describe how they feel is guarded optimism. The article describes two … Continue reading

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