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New Year Advice

Since this is a blog for small business, the title would suggest that this posting would be advice for your small business. Actually this posting is about some new research on reducing the severity of a hangover for anyone who … Continue reading

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Two For One

We've done a few postings this year on Google Tools for small businesses such as Slick new Google tool on July 16th and More Google Tools on September 30th. The title of this posting comes from another tip about Google … Continue reading

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The Top 30

This is the time of year when most of us think back over the year and remember what has happened (both good and bad). Here is an article that takes the idea a little further that describes how the Nightly … Continue reading

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2010 Resolutions

2009 has been a challenging year for almost everyone and most of us will be glad when this year is over. So what can a small business owner do to make 2010 a better year? Some things of course are … Continue reading

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2010 Customer Service Tips

Here is an interesting article from Small Business Trends that emphasizes how important outstanding customer service will be in 2010 and provides several reasons for why it will be crucial. The article then goes on with 10 important customer service … Continue reading

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Shopper Types

Here's an interesting and somewhat different article about four different types of shoppers and describes how to identify the different types. The secret is using open ended questions to learn exactly what the customer wants while at the same time … Continue reading

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Save Some Cash

A title like that should certainly attract some attention due to a combination of the tough economic conditions and the holiday season and here is a great article from Business Week that explains how many small business owners can do … Continue reading

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Web Site Suicide

This is not a posting on instructions on how to commit suicide posted on a Web site, although there are instructions on almost everything posted on the Internet. Actually it is an article from Business Week with Web site recommendations … Continue reading

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Tis The Season

The title of this post might lead to you think this was going to be a post on the holiday season, but instead this post is about something that is with us year round, unfortunately. There was an article in … Continue reading

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Business Friendly (And Unfriendly) States

There is an article in the Denver Business Journal that any small business owner should find interesting no matter where they operate. The article reports that Colorado is ranked number 8 in a report on business climate from the Small … Continue reading

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