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Small Business Web Tips

There is lots of information on Internet Marketing available both in print and online, but very few focus specifically on small businesses. Here is an article that specifically targets 5 mistakes that brick and mortar small businesses make on the … Continue reading

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Recession Benefit

We've done numerous postings on the terrible toll the recession has taken on everyone and especially small businesses, now comes an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal that points out one benefit of the awful economy. It describes how … Continue reading

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Not Too Late

We did a lot of postings in December and January about possible trends in many areas for 2010 and we even posted one, 2010 Resolutions, that linked to an article that had a New Year's Resolution Generation tool. If you … Continue reading

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Customer Referrals

How would you like some inexpensive and uncomplicated ideas to increase sales and profits in our present difficult economy? It sounds attractive and here is an article that gives 7 tips to do this by increasing customer referrals to your … Continue reading

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A Different Buy Local Trend

We've done numerous postings on small businesses and buying local in the past. Most of the buying local trend in the past has been encouraging consumers to shop at small local stores such as in the 3/50 Project. Now comes … Continue reading

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A Word to the Wise

There was a short article recently in USA Today about how the IRS and several states are keeping a close eye on companies that are changing the status of employees to independent contractors. Since many small businesses legitimately use independent … Continue reading

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Long Life Tips

This posting will be a little different than our normal posting on small business matters, but it is about an article that seems worth sharing. The article  How to Live 100 Years was in Time recently and describes how more … Continue reading

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Employees and the Recession

We did a lot of postings on employees and the recession in 2009 because both have such a huge impact on any small business. The recession has had a negative impact for most businesses and employees can make or break … Continue reading

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Small Business Backup Option

In November last year we did a posting on some options for small businesses to use in backing up their computer or computers in Something Really Scary. That posting and the related article focused on external hard drives and flash … Continue reading

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Pricing Points

We ran across a great article from that provides a very comprehensive overview of pricing. The article starts by describing just how difficult it is and also how essential it is to do pricing correctly for any business. After … Continue reading

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