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Some Times Things Are Not as Bad as They Seem

This short posting is a little different than usual since it really doesn't involve small business directly, but it does provide some encouraging news on a Friday afternoon. A recent article in Time makes the point that perhaps the results … Continue reading

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Make a Customer Feel Special

Today's post will be a little different than most of our posts, since we usually link to another article. Today we are going to start out with a quote and give two examples of making customers feel special. Here's the … Continue reading

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Small Business Help

The current difficult economy has been especially tough on some small businesses. A recent poll by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) bears this out by reporting that the NFIB Index of Small Business Optimism lost 3.2 point in … Continue reading

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Business Vacation

We promised in the last post to follow up on how to delight your customers, but in the meantime this article on the importance of small business owners taking a vacation and also emphasizing that their vacation may actually have … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen

Ever wonder where the term Baker's Dozen comes from? There was an interesting post on small business and the Baker's Dozen (which I'll get to later), but I got curious on more of the background on the Baker's Dozen, did … Continue reading

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Do You Have to Cut Prices to Match the Competition?

Pricing is a frequent topic on Mine Your Own Business, one of the most recent ones was on June 10th in Time to Raise Prices? where we discussed if it was time to think about increasing the prices of your … Continue reading

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Chaos Control

Small business owners know how hectic most days are and even starting the day with the best intentions can result in total chaos within a few hours. Now comes an article from Steve Strauss posting at USA Today that gives … Continue reading

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More on Social Media

Still hesitant to jump into the Social Media Marketing arena? So was Colgate– toothpaste giant. But, they did it successfully by mixing video, gamesand Facebook to target a new segment — 18 – 25 yrs. Their key to making it … Continue reading

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Credit Unions and Small Business Loans

We've all heard about how tight credit is during the current economic situation and while this doesn't cause problems for many small businesses, it can have a dramatic impact on the one ones that do need a business loan. Now … Continue reading

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Hiring Tips

As the economy ever so slowly improves (and hopefully you are seeing improvement for your small business), the time will come when you will probably need to hire some new employees. Hiring new people is one of the more difficult … Continue reading

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