Make a Customer Feel Special

Today's post will be a little different than most of our posts, since we usually link to another article. Today we are going to start out with a quote and give two examples of making customers feel special. Here's the quote:

People will forget
what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how
you made them feel."



Now for two examples of putting this quote into practice.

“I was in a
Cricket telephone store with my brother last week.  He was getting a new cell
phone when his old one got lost when it fell out of his pocket on the bus.  He
didn’t mention this to the store owner until after he had paid for the new
phone.  The store owner reached over to a display rack, took down a plastic cell
phone holster and told him that maybe that would help.  No charge.  A very
inexpensive way to make a customer feel special.” 

Bill Hinderer

I was on vacation in Florida for the last two weeks and one restaurant we have visited almost every year for the past fourteen years is Johny Leverock's Seafood House in Placida Florida. The food and service is always excellent, it has a great view of a marina, and it is locally owned. We were in a fairly large group of family and friends when we visited them one evening for dinner, but there was a very large group that arrived just before us and the service was slower than usual.

Here is how the waitress made our group feel special. She brought us two free appetizers after taking our orders, without us even requesting them. The two orders of crab cakes were excellent (we'd never tried them there before) and it made the wait much more tolerable. She turned what could have been hungry and cranky customers into very satisfied customers and our friends who had never eaten there were very impressed.

So do you have an example of ways some business has made you feel special or perhaps something you have used in your business to salvage a bad situation or make a customer feel special?

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10 Responses to Make a Customer Feel Special

  1. This is so interesting to read those two examples you have written here.Well I don’t remember my any experience but yes I had this type of experience which you have mentioned regarding customer.

  2. This is so true. Making that extra effort gives your customers a reason to care; to talk about you and return again and again. It’s authentic and builds a relationship. It makes your business stand out in an endless sea of competition. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more businesses felt this way?

  3. Customers want to feel that their issue is important and they want to treat like a valued client. Most important thing is to treat customer like you would treat your friend.

  4. That true as people will forget what you said.People will forget what you did but they will never forget if you made them happy.Customer will satisfy if they are given the good services as well as the good quality too.So all the things should be taken into consideration.

  5. Debts says:

    I believe that every customer when it approaches to you it is your duty to handle them with the full efficiency. The customer is the only people who let you make your product more aware to the market and his satisfaction is the main thing for business.

  6. Make an extra effort allows your customers a reason to care about you and come back again and again. It is authentic and establishes a relationship. It makes your company stand out in an endless sea of competition.

  7. Do what more effort to give customers the treatment in September, to talk to you and return again and again. This is a true and build a relationship. It makes your company stand out in an endless sea of competition.

  8. This is very true because in this way you will build a great relationship with your customer. And is very important to build bonds with customers as it helps the business to prosper.

  9. skin care says:

    I think politeness does all the magic here. Walking an extra mile by being polite does all the work for the customer as well as for the seller.

  10. bespoke pack says:

    In your post two example is quite interesting. I don’t remember my experience of this but i have this type of experience which you have mentioned in this post.

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