Free Apps From Google

Most of us think that free is a pretty good thing, and now Google is offering Google Apps for small businesses. Google Apps is a free Web based suite of services that includes word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail and website building products to replace traditional software from vendors such as Microsoft and Apple. Some businesses that have used Google Apps feel that customer support and security needs to be improved and Google offers their Premium Edition for $50 per year per person that addresses these issues and also includes more storage space and added customization.

If this sounds interesting you can read the whole article Google's free Apps click with entrepreneurs that provides more details. If you are used to using Microsoft products and would like a summary of their offerings, that is covered in the article as well. There are some free offerings from Microsoft as long as a business has purchase Microsoft Office. The article doesn't cover any business software for Apple, so I did a little research and here is a link to the Apple business software site.

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  1. I wonder if anybody don’t like free thing.It is good to know about free applications from Google.I have just read that article.Google’s applications are very much useful for many businesses and many people use it.

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