Organize Ideas Effectively

There was a good article in USA Today that started with the premise that most small business owners come up with all kinds of new ideas to increase sales and improve their businesses. In fact so many that frequently it is difficult to implement them in an effective manner. The author of the article provides a tip that they have found effective in their business and that is to start a Red Book. They use the Red Book to write down any new idea on products, service, marketing, etc. and then they periodically review everything in the Red Book.

There are a lot of good tips in the article for starting your own Red Book and some good variations on the Red Book, such as a:

  • Leads book
  • Trade show book
  • Product development book

I'm sure you can come up with some other variations for your particular business. One great point the article makes near the end is that frequently something that someone puts in the Red Book sounds like a great idea at the time, but on further reflection is not worth implementing. I personally know that works because I use a similar technique for my personal purchases. I may see something I think I really want or need, but I've gotten in the habit on waiting and thinking about it for a week or a month and then making a purchasing decision. It has worked very well in reducing my impulse purchases.

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    This is too much obviouds!
    Should show something with more content.

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