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The “So What” Test and Advertising

A few days ago we posted about a great article on getting Free Advertising in Mine Your Own Business. One of the things we discussed first was the difficulty of deciding on the most effective advertising mediums for your business. … Continue reading

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Is the Customer Always Right?

First some history on the famous phrase the customer is always right. In the USA it seems to have more or less originated with Marshall Field's department store in Chicago. If you have time you can read more about the … Continue reading

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Inflation Warning

If you believe that inflation is at our doorstep, read this to learn how to prepare. The author of this article is very concerned about possible upcoming government inflationary policiies and the posting provides some of the reasons for his … Continue reading

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Free Advertising

All small business owners know that advertising is usually expensive. Another problem is deciding what type of advertising is the most cost effective for your particular business. Is it newspaper, radio, TV, Web….the list goes on and on and even … Continue reading

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Business and Customer Service

Small business owners understand the importance of good customer service (if not they are probably not small business owners for very long). We understand how important it is at Mine Your Own business since we have done around twenty posts … Continue reading

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Walking and Aging

Everyone has heard how beneficial exercise is, after all it is on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. Now comes a new article from HealthDay about research from the U. S. National Institure on Aging that showed walking six to nine … Continue reading

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Put Your Business on a Diet

First a little background before we get to the main topic of this posting. Did you know the average American gains at least two pounds a year over their lifetime? I thought I remembered this depressing fact and then did … Continue reading

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Speed Coaching and SCORE

I think everyone has heard of speed dating, but if you're not familiar with the term or want a little more information Wikipedia provides some very interesting information on it. At the bottom of the article there are even listings … Continue reading

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Emails and Subject Lines

There was a recent article that made the point that the subject line is very important in getting a prospect to open any email in the first place. Any email you send has to contend with spam and spyware software, … Continue reading

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Small Business Credit Bill

USA Today had a recent article on the recently passed Small Business Jobs and Credit Act. Whether or not you agree with the the current Congress and Administration policies, the passage of this bill could result in some real savings … Continue reading

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