Tips to Improve Your Google Place Page Results

There was an interesting article from Small Business Trends on how Google is really empasizing local with Place Search, Place Pages, Google Hotpot, etc. The article emphasizes how important it is becoming for any successful small business to optimize their Google Place Page, but small business owners have many demands on their time so the article provides four tips for doing it most effectively with the smallest amount of wasted time.

  • Claim your listing completely
  • Be smart with keywords
  • Add images
  • Start heavily encouraging reviews

There is a lot of great information including examples on how to use these four tips. Whether your Place Pages just need some enhancements or if you are starting from scratch, these tips can be a great help for any small business. Another bonus to this article is that it has some great links on the right and bottom of the Web page to some other interesting postings.

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2 Responses to Tips to Improve Your Google Place Page Results

  1. These are some of great ideas! if we put in to our website can work very effectively.
    – John Devis
    Magento Theme

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