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Selling Your Business Part Two

We posted on the rather dismal prospects of selling your business during the current economic situation¬† with an article titled Selling Your Business. The economic situation seems to be improving slowly and so when we ran across an article from … Continue reading

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Positive Behavior Change

All of us have certain things we’d like to change about our coworkers or ourselves. I have worked with some people in the past who would never admit a mistake or that they were wrong, it was always someone elses … Continue reading

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Sales Advice from a Professional Sales Trainer

We’ve done a lot of posts on small business and sales over the years since effective selling is so important.¬† I recently ran across an excellent article, Nine Essentials for Sales Success, that summarizes an address presented by Tom Black … Continue reading

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More Tips on Email

We just did a posting yesterday with some tips to make your emails more effective and originally thought we might combine two articles on the topic, but there was so much good and different information in both of them that … Continue reading

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More Effective Email

I know a lot of people think that with all the new social media email is quickly becoming an an obsolete technology (some would even say it is already effectively dead). Let’s have a little fun before we get to … Continue reading

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Small Business Scams

I think almost everyone reading this post has received an e-mail from Nigeria about a way to get fabulously wealthy, commonly called the Nigerian Scam. Well I did a little research and found out that this has existed in one … Continue reading

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Online Reputation is Very Important

We’ve frequently posted on Mine Your Own Business on how more and more potential customers are researching products on the Internet before visiting any brick-and-mortar retailer (both large and small). We ran across an interesting article from CIO titled How … Continue reading

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Something Else to Avoid in Your Small Business

We posted something earlier this week on Mine Your Own Business with some tips on what to avoid to make sure your business is successful and ensures that it is around for a long time. This is a follow up … Continue reading

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What to Avoid in Your Small Business

It's the biggest nightmare of any small business owner, after all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into starting and running your small business there comes the day when you are forced to close your business. Hopefully this never … Continue reading

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Tough Customers

No matter how your employees and your business in general focuses on customer service, every small business owner has faced a less then contented customer (sometimes that is putting it mildly). Maybe the problem is they think they found a … Continue reading

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