Another Website Design Reminder or Almost Three Strikes

I had an experience recently that made me realize again how important effective website design is for any business, large or small. So even thought we posted Website Design Reminder in February, I thought it was worth another post on another article I ran across.

First some background on my recent experience. I recently needed to return a defective piece of phone equipment that was under warranty. I filled out two different e-mail forms on two different occasions, both promising a response within two business days.  I never received any response. I’ll give them a break since I could have counted it as two strikes and call this strike 1.

I then found a phone number on their warranty information page and called the number. One of the options directed me to their website to fill out a warranty form so someone could send me an RMA number for the return. Guess what, the information provided in the phone recording was inaccurate and their was no form to fill out. Strike 2.

I finally called a phone number that was in very small print down near the bottom on their contact page for technical support.  I spoke to a very nice person (Clyde) who gave me complete instructions on how to return my defective product and he told me that the RMA number was generated when they received the product, so all the previous information had been inaccurate.

I thought of all this when I came across 4 Website Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them since I had just experienced the first two mistakes, Hidden information and Too much information (really more like inaccurate information in my case).  One of the most interesting portions of the article is the final mistake they mention on websites with non-standard formatting. There is a link near the bottom to where you can plug in your URL and it will reveal glitches and things you need to fix on your website.

One last tip, I spoke to one of our top notch web designers here at Tacony and he told me their standards are very strict. The only website I found that passed completely was their own website, but it is fun to test other websites and it will help you eliminate any really important errors.

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