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We did a posting last September titled Shopping Locally about an article suggesting that by supporting other local small businesses you are indirectly supporting your own small business as well. We also mentioned the 3/50 project in the post which is an  important project started in 2009  to support buying locally. I was curious to see if they were still growing, so when I did a search on “news of the 3/50 project” I found that the project is alive and doing well. In fact there was one article describing how they were growing so fast that they were having problems keeping their database of supporters up to date.

Weaker Coffee, Better Roads posted by The Wall Street Journal reminded me of our September posting and the 3/50 project because it gave some very similar statistics to the 3/50 project about the impact of consumers buying locally.  The article reports on a tool by Independent We Stand that shows that for every $10 spent at local independent businesses, about $6 comes back to the local community in taxes, payroll, and other local expenditures. That compares to $4 for big national chains.

The article states that this means more money for local schools, road construction, police departments, fire departments, etc. The article also reports on another study that local businesses paid higher wages, used more local goods and services, and contributed more to local fundraisers and charities.  One more interesting link is near the end  of the article where can see how much would be contributed to your metro area if each family spent just $10 a month locally. It is a real eye opener.

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