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Natural Disaster Preparation for Your Small Business

Thanks heavens August is about over. Here in St. Louis we’ve had almost no rain and we had a heat index of 114 one day this month with several days over 100. We really can’t (or shouldn’t) complain because the … Continue reading

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More on Planning for Retirement

We did a posting earlier this year with some ideas on Planning for Retirement for small business owners. The posting referenced an article that gave some good general tips for any small business owner to consider as they plan for … Continue reading

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Increasing Line Waiting Productivity

I hate waiting in line. I was reminded how much I dislike it by two recent experiences. It seems like a lot of local businesses are cutting down on staffing, at least at the cash register. I visited a local … Continue reading

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Pamper Your Customers

We recently had some management meetings here at Tacony Corporation and the main theme of the meeting was A Journey to Excellence… Arriving There Together.  In preparation for the meeting we were all supposed to bring a personal exceptional customer … Continue reading

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Different Security Advice

We’ve done a lot of postings in the past on security, but the main focus has always been computer related- such as the importance of difficult to hack passwords, software to protect your computer and network, and regular backup of … Continue reading

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Small Business Owners Deserve Vacations Too

The traditional summer vacation time period is winding down since I’ve started to see some school buses on my commute to work. If you’re like many small business owners you may have found out that it is not easy taking … Continue reading

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Finally Time to Start Hiring?

Maybe your small business is one of the lucky (or very well run) businesses that is finally coming out of the Great Recession or maybe you weren’t impacted as much of the rest of them. If you and your staff … Continue reading

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Fatal Business Mistakes to Avoid

If you own a small business you are going to make mistakes (after all you’re only human), but a recent article in BusinessNewsDaily provides some ideas on some major possible looming mistakes and how to avoid them. The article is … Continue reading

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Your Small Business and Local Charities

Small business owners know how much the local community contributes to their initial and continuing success. How to Benefit from Supporting Your Local Charities makes the point that supporting some local charitable organizations is a great way to show that … Continue reading

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