Natural Disaster Preparation for Your Small Business

Thanks heavens August is about over. Here in St. Louis we’ve had almost no rain and we had a heat index of 114 one day this month with several days over 100. We really can’t (or shouldn’t) complain because the East Coast has had a horrible August with the magnitude 5.8 earthquake in Virginia and hurricane Irene on the Eastern Seaboard. Irene leaves businesses reeling in its wake gives some idea how some small businesses were impacted by Irene.

The recent disasters emphasize how important it is for any business to prepare ahead of time for natural and man-made calamities. 5 Ways to Prepare Your Business For a Natural Disaster gives these ideas for being proactive on this issue.

  1. Know Your Mission Criticals
  2. Back Up Your Data Offline
  3. Have a Crisis-Management Plan
  4. Secure Alternate Workspace
  5. Appoint a Business-Continuity Team

The article provides several ideas for any business, but probably the most important one for any business is to back up your data offline. The example given about the Australian company that lost all their company data made me think that insurance can take care of property and inventory losses, but it won’t replace all your  company information.  If you last all that data could your company survive?

I then read that there is another storm brewing in the Atlantic, Katina (who names these things?) . I did some research and came up with some information from the UK on developing a flood plan in advance. It might be a good idea to take a look at it and see if you need to do some advance planning for your business. One statistic from the website really caught my attention.

“Most businesses can save between 20 and 90 per cent on the cost of lost stock and movable equipment by taking action to prepare in advance for flooding.”

That would be a huge saving for some advance preparation.

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