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Small Business Challenges in 2012

I think you could safely say that any small business is unique in one way or another, but that being said I wondered if there were some challenges that were common to almost all small businesses. I ran across a … Continue reading

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Tips on Raising Prices in 2012

I read a recent article, Five Painless Ways to Raise Prices this Year from Entrepreneur, that described how a lot of small businesses were planning on pay raises this year. The article gave some strong statistics from a study that 43 … Continue reading

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A Real Coincidence

I had two watches with dead batteries and a new watch that needed some links taken out of the band so I finally got around to taking them to a local jewelry store this week that I had used before, … Continue reading

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Tips for Video Production

We’ve done several posts in the past about how posting videos on your company website is a smart marketing move, most recently in The Power of Marketing with Video late last year. I did a search on our blog on video … Continue reading

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Be Sure to Avoid Insurance Lapses

We had our first snow here in St. Louis yesterday and it was a pretty minor amount of snow (less than 3 inches) not exactly like the record Alaskan snowfall this winter, but the problem was the timing since it … Continue reading

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Small Business Mobile Marketing

I remember reading something during the holiday shopping season on how smart phones had a big impact on Black Friday and holiday sales in general because of new price-check apps. I got curious and did a little research and came … Continue reading

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Getting the Skinny on your Competition

I guess I’m showing my age somewhat with the title, but I frequently heard the term “getting the skinny” on something growing up. The general meaning of the term is to get the low-down or inside information on something or … Continue reading

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Small Business Owners Should Beware of Hackers

We posted Scary Statistics for Small Business Owners earlier this year on how in 2010 hackers had been concentrating more and more on small businesses and we commented on how 2011 might be for hacking attacks. Well, 2011 was a … Continue reading

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