Tips for Video Production

We’ve done several posts in the past about how posting videos on your company website is a smart marketing move, most recently in The Power of Marketing with Video late last year. I did a search on our blog on video and discovered that we’ve never posted anything on how to do a video, so when I ran across Do’s and don’ts of producing a video I thought it would be very helpful for a small business owner who is interested in adding video to their website.

The article provides a lot of great things to do and just as important, not to do, in these three main areas.

  • Shooting
  • Sound
  • Editing

I hadn’t really thought of the importance of editing a video that you post on your company website, but then I remembered that one of the categories in the Academy Awards is for Best Film Editing and when I looked at the list and compared to the Oscar winners for Best Picture there was definitely a big correlation. In fact of the last 60 Best Picture winners, 33 of the same pictures also won for Best Film Editing. I think this helps illustrate how important that last step is for your video, after all you don’t want all of that effort to go to waste by ignoring a few final details.

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