Employee Recognition and Motivation Phrases

Everyone likes an occasional pat on the back for a task well done or going above and beyond the call of duty, but in the usually hectic environment of most small businesses it may be easy to overlook this one important task to show how much you appreciate the extra efforts of your employees.

This important and frequently overlooked task is made much easier if you follow the tips in 11 Phrases You Can Use to Motivate Staff. The article provides these phrases to show your appreciation and motivate your employees as well.

  1. That was awesome, Tell me how you did it.
  2. I am so proud of you.
  3. You’ve really made a difference here. I’m glad you joined the team.
  4. I have an idea I’d like your feedback on.
  5. I trust your judgement.
  6. [Insert co-workers name] said wonderful things about you….
  7. What can I do to help?
  8. I was wrong.
  9. I’m sorry.
  10. You’ve gone above and beyond this week. Take the rest of the day off.
  11. Don’t think about work on your vacation.

There are so many great phases above, but I especially liked a few of them. I liked 4 because it not only shows appreciation forĀ  the ideas of your employee, but also might give you a different perspective on an issue that you might not come up with on your own.

I liked 7, because it really shows that your business is a team and could reduce some stress on your employees. I liked 8 and 9 for showing humility and it never hurts to say you are wrong or sorry.

Last but not least 11, is especially important in our new world of laptops, cell phones, smart phones, texting, etc. To quote the article.

Everyone needs a chance to disconnect completely from work, and when you say this, you give employees permission to do so.

Unfortunately Summer vacations are winding down for this year, but this might be something to consider for fall and winter vacations and next year.

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