Valentine’s Day Tips for Small Businesses

The company I work for has set up a great service (Fruit My Cube) for our associates that allows anyone to order a box of fruit delivered to our office on a weekly basis. I order frequently and have always found the fruit to be top quality and the selection is also great.  Valentine’s day is this Friday and I thought they came up with a great promotion for the holiday, chocolate covered strawberries delivered just in time for the holiday.

I thought the picture they used in the web page of all the men waiting to buy cards was priceless and I know it is accurate since I’ve been in the same situation myself in years past. When I read How to Show Love for Your Customers on Valentine’s Day I thought the Fruit My Cube people really exemplified one of these four tips presented in the article.

  1. Send branded valentines on social media.
  2. Step up your customer service.
  3. Stick to your brand’s ideals.
  4. Evoke emotion.

The tip that I think they really did a great job on was the second one,  Step up your customer service. The reason why their customer service was so great this holiday is that they did their normal deliveries of fruit on Monday or Tuesday and are doing a second delivery on Thursday and Friday specifically for the chocolate covered strawberries. They could have delivered everything on their normal delivery days, but in order to make sure the strawberries were super fresh they did an additional delivery. Truly excellent customer service.

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