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Two Types of Procrastination

I can speak only for myself, but for me procrastination comes in two forms. The first is the avoidance of big projects (it can wait until I have more time to really focus) and the second is putting off something … Continue reading

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The Holidays Are Closer Than You Think

Christmas in July promotions have become more popular with both large and small businesses in the past few years as a way to generate more sales during the slower retail sales of Summer. Now that we are almost a third … Continue reading

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Superb Customer Service

I recently had a very positive customer service experience with one of our company’s vendors. Over the past few years we have gradually gone from everyone having an inkjet printer at their desk to some networked laser printer/fax/scanner/copier machines that … Continue reading

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Word Of Mouth

I frequently share with my friends and coworkers my experiences on good places to eat, trusted places for car repair, reliable lawn services, good local bakeries and all the other businesses and services we all use on a regular basis. … Continue reading

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Something To Sleep On

It is Friday and maybe time for something a little off the normal business topics I normally write about, so here is something really different. It appears that there were some issues developing the first really practical sewing machines and … Continue reading

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New Helpful Apps for Business

Having an off site event and want an easy way to collect payment? It was very difficult in the old paper days, but times have changed and I just ran across an interesting article where you can use something you … Continue reading

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Old School Storefront Advertising

I faintly remember when I was very young going downtown in St. Louis at Christmas time to view the decorated windows at the major department stores. I remember that every year when we usually watch Christmas Story and Ralphie, Randy, … Continue reading

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Business Tablet Buying Tips

My wife has had a smartphone for some time, but since I don’t use my cell phone a great deal I stuck with my old stupid phone which I rarely used except for emergencies. Our cell phone provider recently ran … Continue reading

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File Sharing Risks

If you need to share files with your employees, clients, vendors, or suppliers there are some security risks you should keep in mind. The recent emphasis on the Heartbleed security issue may make any small business owner very aware of … Continue reading

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More Credit Card Issues

It has been a rough couple of years with credit card issues. I have had to replace personal credit cards twice, first in 2013 when a local grocery store chain had credit card information stolen and later in 2014 when … Continue reading

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