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Finally Time to Start Hiring?

Maybe your small business is one of the lucky (or very well run) businesses that is finally coming out of the Great Recession or maybe you weren’t impacted as much of the rest of them. If you and your staff … Continue reading

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The Power of Being Independent

Now is a tough time to be a small business owner. Not only is their more and more pressure from big box stores, there is also increasing pressure from online sales. One thing that independent small business owners need to … Continue reading

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A Surprising Fact about American Manufacturing

Those of you who read this blog or are familiar with Tacony Corporation know that we brought production of vacuums back to St. James, Missouri some time ago. We recently brought production  of sewing cabinets from Australia to Chicago, Illinois … Continue reading

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Baseball and Bad News

This posting is especially appropriate because it is about an article in Business Week that uses the baseball metaphor in describing how businesses can cope with unexpected bad news and baseball season is finally beginning. For many of us "it's … Continue reading

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The 3/50 Project

Heard of the 3/50 Project? It is a concept that is turning into a movement to support local brick and mortar businesses and it appears to be gaining momentum rapidly. You can find out more about it here. Two important … Continue reading

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Does Wal-Mart Really Hurt Small Business?

Last week Business Week online posted an article with this title.  The article cites research done by Russell S. Sobel and Andrea M. Dean of the University of West Virginia.  Their conclusion?  “Contrary to popular belief, our results suggest that … Continue reading

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What’s the Competition Up To?

Mark Riffey over at the "Business is Personal" blog asks the musical question, "Are you paying attention to your competition?"  He points out that last week, when Mozilla released the new version of the Firefox browser, the Internet Explorer team … Continue reading

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Halloween–The New Thanksgiving?

According to the Dallas Morning News, Wal-Mart is promising (threatening?) to offer "Black Friday" pricing beginning this Friday, Nov. 2 to coincide with the opening of their in-store Christmas shops.  [Black Friday is the media’s name for the day after … Continue reading

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Yet Another Post on Competing with the Big Guys

Competing with the big boxes is a subject near and dear to our hearts and it’s always good to hear from someone who’s doing it successfully.  Mark Riffey’s Business is Personal blog tells us about a Whitefish, MT arts and … Continue reading

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Doing Business Locally

An article available on the American Independent Business Alliance’s web site entitled The Benefits of Doing Business Locally is a must-read for anyone concerned with their local community.  The article begins: From rural to urban areas, an ever-growing chorus of … Continue reading

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