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Time to Buy

If your small business has a company car, van, or truck sooner or later you are going to have to look for a replacement (it looks like the two “farmers” in the image above waited a little too long!). If … Continue reading

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Some Cash Saving Ideas

Almost everyone likes to save money and it can be especially important for a small business to watch expenses in order to maximize profits, so when I read Seven Ways to Free Up Cash You Already Have from Entrepreneur I … Continue reading

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Small Business Leasing Tips

I think it is safe too say that most small business owners have to lease space for their operation, unless they can run their business from their home or are wealthy enough to own some property that can be used … Continue reading

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Tips to Reduce Business Expenses

One of the first things a small business owner learns is the importance of controlling and sometimes reducing expenses.  The problem is knowing what expenses can be reduced without negatively impacting your business, after all you don’t want to cut … Continue reading

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Inflation Warning

If you believe that inflation is at our doorstep, read this to learn how to prepare. The author of this article is very concerned about possible upcoming government inflationary policiies and the posting provides some of the reasons for his … Continue reading

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Free Advertising

All small business owners know that advertising is usually expensive. Another problem is deciding what type of advertising is the most cost effective for your particular business. Is it newspaper, radio, TV, Web….the list goes on and on and even … Continue reading

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Put Your Business on a Diet

First a little background before we get to the main topic of this posting. Did you know the average American gains at least two pounds a year over their lifetime? I thought I remembered this depressing fact and then did … Continue reading

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Recession Benefit

We've done numerous postings on the terrible toll the recession has taken on everyone and especially small businesses, now comes an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal that points out one benefit of the awful economy. It describes how … Continue reading

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Save Some Cash

A title like that should certainly attract some attention due to a combination of the tough economic conditions and the holiday season and here is a great article from Business Week that explains how many small business owners can do … Continue reading

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Are You Cutting Pay?

Times are sill tough for almost everyone and most small businesses are no exception. One way that many small businesses are surviving is by cutting the pay of their employees. After all, if your business is making less money, there … Continue reading

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