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New Employee Background Check Tips

Maybe your business has finally reached the point that it is time to add a new employee or even employees. The easiest way is to hire someone who has worked for you before or maybe make a part timer a  … Continue reading

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Employee Evaluation Tips

Even if your small business currently has no employees and you (and maybe your spouse) handle all aspects of your business , at some point in time it will grow (hopefully) to a time when you have employees to help … Continue reading

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Tips in Obtaining Employee Innovations

Let’s face it, running a small business is usually pretty demanding and complex. To use Tacony Corporation as an example, we have nine corporate support services (that’s what we call them) such as Accounting, Credit, Human Resources, Advertising, Customer Service, … Continue reading

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Something Else to Avoid in Your Small Business

We posted something earlier this week on Mine Your Own Business with some tips on what to avoid to make sure your business is successful and ensures that it is around for a long time. This is a follow up … Continue reading

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Feedback Tips

Any small business owner with employees knows that effective employee management can sometimes be very difficult (maybe I should rephrase that most of the time). Negative feedback to employees is never pleasant and while positive feedback is certainly easier, it … Continue reading

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Salesperson or Sales Manager

At first glance it seems to make perfect sense for a business to promote their top salesperson to sales manager when the position opens up. After all, if a person is an effective sales person they should be able to … Continue reading

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Two Views of the Unemployment Rate

There was a recent article titled Employee Retention Strategies that described how two main problems facing businesses during the recession are under-qualified people applying for positions and retaining your best employees. The article focuses most on the businesses keeping those … Continue reading

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Hiring Tips

As the economy ever so slowly improves (and hopefully you are seeing improvement for your small business), the time will come when you will probably need to hire some new employees. Hiring new people is one of the more difficult … Continue reading

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More on Score

In case you haven't heard of Score, it is an organization of volunteers that provides free counseling and advice for small businesses. We went into much more detail and even provided a link to their site in a posting we … Continue reading

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Problem Employees

Hiring and firing are probably two of the most difficult areas facing most small business owners and we've done many posts on it in the past. Effective hiring is crucial to the ongoing success of any small business and getting … Continue reading

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