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More on Business Owner Burn Out

Last week we posted on some symptoms that indicate that you may becoming burned out on your business and some steps you can take to counteract the problem. Since this can be such a problem with any business owner due … Continue reading

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Small Business Pop Quiz

I know Summer doesn’t officially end until September 22nd, but to me Labor Day really heralds the end of Summer, so I thought it might be a good idea to have a little fun on Summer’s last weekend and have … Continue reading

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More Friday Fun

I had to name this post More Friday Fun since we had already done a post called Friday Fun back in May of last year. It focused on an article about six ways a small business could use video to … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day and Procrastination

We have a chain of pharmacies here in the midwest named Walgreens which has a little bit of everything and they seem to be everywhere. In fact, I was curious and did a search by zip code and there were … Continue reading

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Small Business Tech Advice

You know the type, the person who has to have the latest and greatest version of anything they currently have (think of the guy who has to have a new car every year), or the very latest technology. A few … Continue reading

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Some Great Quotes

I've often posted on Mine Your Own Business about how important data backup is for a small business. The almost worst case situation happened to me when my computer at work would only boot up in safe mode. I am … Continue reading

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Help for Procrastinators

Like many people, I've always had a problem with procrastination. I've always used the excuse that it is genetic since my Mother is a bad about procrastinating and is also a pack rat and I am guilty of both vices. … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Quiz

I've never watched a whole episode of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader but I must admit i have watched enough to know the basic idea behind it. This posting is about an interesting seven question quiz on Customer … Continue reading

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Important Personal Job Skills

We ran across an article recently on the results of a survey that provided a list of personal skills that most employers feel are very important for employees. Some of the survey results are obvious, such as Cooperation, Drive, and … Continue reading

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Sales and Great Quotations

Here's a good article with twelve great quotes that Dave Stein has used over the years in sales, writing, speaking, and coaching. Here are a few to entice you to read the whole article and see how these quotes relate … Continue reading

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