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Tips on Raising Prices in 2012

I read a recent article, Five Painless Ways to Raise Prices this Year from Entrepreneur, that described how a lot of small businesses were planning on pay raises this year. The article gave some strong statistics from a study that 43 … Continue reading

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Price War Strategies

We haven’t posted anything on pricing for some time, so since effective pricing has such a big impact on the health of your business it might be time to revisit this topic again. How to Survive a Price War from … Continue reading

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Do You Have to Cut Prices to Match the Competition?

Pricing is a frequent topic on Mine Your Own Business, one of the most recent ones was on June 10th in Time to Raise Prices? where we discussed if it was time to think about increasing the prices of your … Continue reading

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Time to Raise Prices?

There was a recent article in Bloomberg Business Week making the point that since the economy is starting to improve now is the time for small businesses to think about raising prices. The piece begins by describing how many small … Continue reading

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Pricing Points

We ran across a great article from that provides a very comprehensive overview of pricing. The article starts by describing just how difficult it is and also how essential it is to do pricing correctly for any business. After … Continue reading

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Pricing Dilemna

Small businesses are all well aware that price has always been a major concern with any prospective customer and in the past few years it seems that it has become more important than ever to many people. We ran across … Continue reading

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Some Great Pricing Tips

Here’s one of the best articles I have read on pricing strategies to consider in this economy.  I really liked the quick definitions/examples of Cost Plus Pricing, Market- Based Pricing, and Value Pricing.  Many of our most successful customers create … Continue reading

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Fighter Brands

Sometimes you come across an article that seems to have been written with much bigger companies in mind but that really is applicable to your business.  I thought this article fit that description.  Setting up a “fighter brand” to allow … Continue reading

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Avoiding Problems with the FTC

[Disclaimer:  I am not a lawyer.  I don't play one on television.  The following should not be considered legal advice.  When in doubt, consult with your attorney.] This post was inspired by a conversation on another forum about pricing.  To … Continue reading

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We’re all looking for ways to cut expenses.  We’ve posted here before on some tips to trim everyday expenses, but the largest expense item for most retailers is inventory.  How do we reduce inventory expense without hurting sales?  As Bob … Continue reading

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